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Review by Chris Nickson PDF Štampa El. pošta
četvrtak, 14 jun 2007 00:00

There's something very special happening on this album of Serbian Gypsy music. This young band brings in influences from dance music and from other cultures, adding them to the very firm base of Roma tradition that's their bedrock. And so you get the wonderful fiddle of "Komedija" (which sounds like it could have escaped from a Tom Waits album) along with "Duj Duj," which would be perfectly at home on the dancefloor.

There's not only great playing here; there's a sense of purpose and spirit about the disc, a feeling that this is an adventure. They bring in several guest musicians and singers, but their sound and vision are very much intact. At times the music seems to take a turn into the surreal, as on the brooding "Boro Boro," with its tricky arrangement and mesmeric vocal. The album brings in subtle beats that work well behind the music, and at times there's almost a circus atmosphere, as on "Mozzarella."

Their aim is to create a 21st century Gypsy music, and they're well on their way. They bring in touches of hyperspeed Gypsy jazz on "Obrenovac Boogie," which swings like its life depends on it, and throughout the emotional quotient is very high -- as you might expect. This is a music that's powered by emotion, but propelled by great skill and imagination ("Tu Barosa" has a wonderful Middle Eastern feel, for example). This is great, they're already ahead of the pack, and by their next record they'll be uncatchable. 

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