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Do you know who I am?

We live in a time of civilization accelerated progress, when the technique is so advanced that is, I believe, a matter of time before someone invent a machine that can read people's thoughts and and when people will be able to penetrate into the deepest corridors of the human soul. I believe that a human mind will be able to stop the planet one day.

The project of a united Europe has been seriously evolved. They say that all the people there will be equal, that human rights will be respected, it will not matter what is the color your skin or which confession you belong to. Few days ago I opened the newspaper and read that some people have made, somewhere in the Czech Republic village, ​​a wall six feet high to become physically separated from their Romani neighbors. I thought what a paradox! Is it the same one country where student Jan Palah burned himself in the name of liberty, democracy? I am thinking: is this world cleverly and skillfully planted video of events that occurred long ago? Is this united Europe religion for the 21st century? Who's harassing, burning houses and killing people just because they are Romani? If I was a professor, I would give thousands and thousands of low grades in school for behavior to those whose parents haven`t taught them anything and whom did not pass a graduation exam for becoming a man.

Do you know who I am?

I am Romani!

I left India eight centuries ago on a trip from which I have never returned. On this journey, I lost everything and, as such, came to you. The only thing that remains in me is my pure soul full of love! I've never lifted a weapon in order to defend my own interests and my own freedom. I play by the fire not only because it feels nice but also to get warm. On my trip I met great people like Lorca, Cervantes, Liszt, Goethe, Grass, and they all wrote about me and thus obligated the European and world to my culture. I am the European of all Europeans! All the things that you are learning now, I've learned a long time ago. While you do not know anything about me, I know all about you! Dear friends it is time for awakening. We have lived next to you for a hundreds of years, we are your neighbors of who you know so little. Did you know that Django Reinhardt, Yul Bruner, Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley and Joaquin Cotes are Romani by their origin? Did you know that among us there are engineers, doctors, actors and lawyers? It is time to stop prejudices and stereotypes about the broad smiles and gold teeth. Let us together build a future in which we are all equal. My generation is ready. Do not look at me as a musician only! Guitar is my flag and in my songs I say to you what you didn't want to hear.

I believe that one day, the human mind would be able to stop the planet. I believe that the human mind will invent an eraser that will erase all the hatred on this planet one day and that love will only remain. If not so, I'm getting off this planet, and will be seeing you later!

Written by: Dragan Ristic - Kal

Manifesto (pdf)

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