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Antidiscrimination campaign „Affirmation of Roma“ 


Campaign summary:

Activities of the projects are part of the broader anti-discrimination campaign being conducted in Serbia in cooperation with the MTV Serbia and the Roma Band KAL.

The campaign includes a concert in the Belgrade City Center, production of a campaign song, music video, jingle, audio clips and a web presence.

The campaign was announced on the October 16, 2010 at the International Tolerance Day in cooperation with the Belgrade Municipality, Stari Grad organized the multi-media event at Belgrade City Square and the Institution of Culture Parobord.

One of the world's number one music channels, MTV have joined forces with Roma KAL in spreading positive messages through the best way they know how - music! Their aims are to  denie (define?) prejudice, to prevent prejudice through education, and to promote positive Romani role models.

Target group/beneficiaries:

The projects' target audience is aimed at, but not exclusive to MTV's youth market.  Our youth are the decision makers of the future and the next generations' leaders.  We wish to address this demographic in their own words, and unique means of communication thus avoiding the preaching factor which only serves to  alienate. The campaign aims to present members of the Roma community in a new light, that may have escaped Serbia's youth so far.

The project aims to engage older members of society through the universal language of music. The campaign intends to spread messages of tolerance towards Roma minorities through this demographics' love of music

It is envisaged that this campaign will contribute towards long term, sustainable tolerance and reconciliation of all memebers of society, be they Romani or non-Romani. (not exactly what you said, but is this ok?)

Project management and staff: 

The project is implemented by Center for Affirmation of Roma Culture in cooperation with OSI (Open Society Institute) Budapest, Ministry of Human and Minority Rights of the Government of the Republic of Serbia,  MTV Serbia and Roma Band KAL.

Sreten Jovanovic is both the representative and director of The Center for Affirmation of Roma Culture 

The MTV Serbia is broadcasting its program  (or the campaign?) in the following 6 countries whom are participating in the Decade of Roma Inclusion; Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. MTV is experienced in promoting awareness raising activities targeting youth, raising the visibility of young and successful Roma, as well as supporting the recognition of Roma women.

MTV Serbia's Representative and Head of Content is Ninoslav Jovanovic,.

Band KAL with frontman Dragan Ristic, represent one of the best examples Serbian Roma minority success stories; not only have they created their own musical genre;  Rock'n'Roma, they have won world wide recognition and awards for doing so.

The Band KAL wrote and recorded the campaign's audio visual material and is one of the campaigns promoters.   MTV and band KAL are producing music videos, audio and video clips. A promotional concert will be organized in cooperation with one of the Belgrade’s cultural centers.

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